Beyond Nungalinya

Stories of some previous students of Nungalinya.

Rev’d Canon Michael Gumbuli Wurramara AM

In 2000, Gumbuli was made Rev.Canon Michael Gumbuli Wurramara AMa Canon of Darwin’s Christ Church Cathedral His ministry as a Bible teacher and evangelist is widely acknowledged along with his long and faithful ministry, wise leadership and loving care of the people. In 2003 on the thirtieth anniversary of his ordination there was a feast in his honour at Nungalinya College.

Minyipirriwuy Ken Garrawurra

Minyipirriwuy Ken GarrawurraI am Minyipirriwuy Ken Garrawurra, born in Milingimbi 1935, a Yolngu person of the Garrawurra line, third son of my father Nupurra and mother Batjururrungu from Milingimbi.

Nungalinya is a good place. I was one of the first students to study at Nungalinya College, I started studying at Nungalinya in 1975 and was ordained in 1985 in Milingimbi.

Mandy Manggurra

mandymanggurraMy first language is Nungubuyu and then Kriol and I speak a bit of Djambarrpuyngu and English.

What I learned while at Nungalinya is the fulfilment of God, of all God’s promises and what’s going to happen in the future. God keeps walking with us. God was with his people in the OT and in the NT he sends Jesus and gives the Holy Spirit.

Now I’m living in Darwin and it’s been nearly a year. I am doing the same job for Anglicare but we’re doing the PALS program and I’m working with Naomi and Tanya. Naomi trained us and now were training other women in the community about how it’s important to look after our children in their early life.I am teaching mums about brain development using ways that mums can understand. I’m enjoying my job.

Matjarra GarrawurraMatjarra Garrawurra

My name is Matjarra Garrawurra and I come from Ramingining. I currently work at the Ramingining School with the Family as First Teachers (FAFT) project. We liaise with young mothers and the community, between women and service providers at the clinic.