College Rules

Turtle NOdotsThe College expects students to display Christian character and behaviour. Each student has been sent from their church and is responsible to their home community. We ask you to:

1. Respect other people and college property
2. Be polite and kind to everyone
3. Attend chapel, classes and meals

Some rules you need to follow are:

1. Do not bring alcohol on campus or get drunk away from the campus
2. Do not use drugs except for medical conditions
3. No smoking in any rooms including your bedroom
4. Do not disturb other students by loud noises or arguments
5. Mobile phones should be switched off during chapel and classes
6. Men must sleep in men’s rooms and women in women’s rooms unless students are a married couple
7. No gambling
8. No visitors, including children, are allowed to sleep in your room unless you have permission from the College and have paid for their accommodation.
9. No visitors are allowed during class times
10.Visitors must go home by 9:00pm.