Future Students

Nungalinya College is uniquely placed to provide Bible based training from foundational literacy and numeracy through to Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology.

Nungalinya College:

  • endeavours to teach the Scriptures in a culturally appropriate manner in order to empower indigenous Christians for work and ministry back in their own communities.
  • has teachers who are experienced cross-cultural educators with relevant qualifications in theology and teaching. Some have first hand experience of living in communities and understand the cultural context that students come from.
  • is within walking distance of Casuarina Square Shopping Centre, Charles Darwin Univeristy and the Casuarina Bus Exchange.
  • offers a safe environment for adult students of all ages
  • provides comfortable accommodation
  • has spacious grounds with plenty of room for recreation
  • provides hearty and nutritious meals

Student Stories

Rev Edward and Gloria Shipp

Coming to Nungalinya helped me to thiRev Gloria and Edward Shippnk about myself, and identify in my own way, an Indigenous way. It helped me to grow and be the person I am today. I often use the pot plant as an illustration; I was bound in my own diocese but not allowed to grow. Coming to Nungalinya was like being re potted



Matjarra Garrawurra

Matjarra GarrawurraI first came to Nungalinya in 1988 to do a Church Leadership course. Then the college was closed for a while. In 2007 I started my Certificate 3 in Theology and Ministry. Most significantly, studying at Nungalinya has given me a clear direction to follow. It’s like a pathway that comes from knowing who God is and God’s way for my life. It has made me strong, comfortable and confident to really stand up and follow God’s way, God’s message in everything I do.

I was encouraged by Romans chapter 6. It speaks of giving yourself completely to the Lord, to begin doing things in a very purposeful way. I read the passage and it made me really want to study. I wanted to really know exactly what Jesus was teaching and so what I need to be teaching and this is based on the Bible. In the Bible the message is clear and true and it has provided strength for me and it will provide strength for others.


Teresita Puruntatameri

Teresita PuruntatameriI am in my 60’s I decided to move on to learn more about the Bible and I am doing Certificate 3 in Theology and Ministry and I am currently a member of the Nungalinya College Board. Coming to Nungalinya, I felt at peace meeting other people from different communities and sharing about what brings us here together. One reason for me has been to follow Jesus’ ways, leave everything that is not good and make a new life so that we will be able to encourage our families and our community.



Yimayima Marrkula (Melissa)

Yimayima Marrkula 2One lady and some people were talking about Nungalinya and said it was a good course so my husband and I came. So first in 2009 I changed my life and 4 months later I decided to come to Nungalinya and study and learn more about the Bible stories and theology. It was good and helpful.

First I was doing Foundation Studies, reading and writing and went back to Milingimbi for a month. Then we came back to do Certificate 2 in Media. Now we are doing Certificate 3 in Theology and Ministry. It is good because it teaches me how to learn from leaders at the College. It encourages me and explains more things from the Bible so that I can understand.

When I was a little girl my grandmother and mother would teach me about Matthew 7 – the narrow gate story. I am following my grandmother and mother. They teach me how to be a good mother of my children and of my community. My grandmother, Dorothy Malkmawuy was one of the first students at Nungalinya. I have her graduation certificate in my room. It helps me to remember. She taught me physically and spiritually how to live, how to respect my husband, and he respects me and how I can respect older people.