Who can study?

Lizard-Goanna NOdotsCourses at Nungalinya are for Christian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) men and women. All students must be over the age of 18. All people wanting to study at Nungalinya must be sponsored by their church community.

The College wants to help ATSI Australians be strong leaders, get good jobs and work well, and serve God in their church and community. It does not matter if you’re old or young, good at English or not, if you were successful at school or not. You can still study if you have a disability. However, you need to let the college know about your requirements before you enrol to study.

How do I apply to study at Nungalinya?

Applications forms are ready at the end of the year. Forms are available from the college.  The forms need to be signed by your local church leader. Each student must complete an application form. Once the college has receive your application form the college will be in contact with you. Application forms need to be submitted by the due date.

Often a Dean or teacher from the college will visit communities to help people to apply to study. Student enrolments and travel are organised by the Deans. They will communicate with both the students and their church sponsors.


What methods of study are available?

All courses at Nungalinya are offered in Mixed Mode. This means that you will have work to do at home as well as in blocks at the Darwin campus. Students need to attend a minimum of 4 weeks in Darwin. This can be in 2 week blocks or a 4 week block. However, students must do study at home for the whole year.

Can I get recognition for previous knowledge?

Students enrolled in courses at Nungalinya do not have to repeat things that they already know and do well. Your life experience, or past studies may show that you already have the skills and knowledge contained in a unit of a course. If you think this is true you should speak to the Assistant Principal. You will need to provide evidence of your previous learning.

 How do I get to the College?

Travel to the college is funded by the government. You do not have to pay for any of your travel costs. You will travel by either plane or bus. Your travel will be booked by the college 1 week before you are due to come. No changes can be made to the travel once it is booked. You will either be collected from the air-port or bus terminal or the college will arrange for a taxi to bring you to the college. If you need assistance such as wheelchair and a wheelchair accessible taxi, please let your Dean know about your needs before you travel.

What accommodation and food is available?

You will be provided free accommodation in either a hostel room or a unit. All meals are provided in the Dining Room. If you need a special diet, please tell the college about it before you come.

 Can I bring my Family (Children)?

Unfortuntely we cannot accommodate children of any age at the college.

Will my qualification be Nationally recognised?

Yes. Nungalinya is a nationally recognised training organisation which means that your qualification will be recognised by other education instutitions.

Do I need to attend all my classes?

You will be doing some of your studies at college and some in community. To graduate you need to attend classes at the college, successfully complete your assessments, and complete all your homework in community.

What details do I need to provide for enrolment?

Please bring your

  • Centrelink cards (health care cards, Pensioner cards, etc)              –
    • this helps in case the student requires medical attention whilst at college.
  • Bank details  (if you work and do not get a Centrelink payment)
    • their payments can be deposited into this account.
What should I bring with me?
  • Your personal belongings – clothes, shoes and toiletries.
  • Glasses if you wear them
  • Bible in your language if you have one
  • Money for emergencies
  • Medications you need to take regularly
  • Medicare card in case you need to see the doctor
  • Centrelink Card
  • Your Bankcard or Keycard or Basics Card. Shops and banks are located close to the College at Casuarina Shopping Centre. Your Nungalinya ID card if you have one.
 What does a normal day look like?

Morning worship is a great way to start the day together. Students are often involved in leading chapel. We often sing and pray in our different languages before going to our classes. There is free time after class to relax. Students often organise fellowship in the evenings.


What can I do on the weekends?

On the weekends students have free time to visit family, attend local churches and the college sometimes organises outings.


For more information have a look at the Student Handbook.