Certificate II in Music

CUA20615 Certificate II in Music Industry

In this course students learn how to perform and record Christian  music. Students should already be able to play an instrument or lead singing before commencing this course. Students will come to Nungalinya College for an intensive course of 5 weeks. They will come for a 3 week block in Term 1, and a 2 week block and graduation in Term 3. It works well if 2 or 3 students from a community come so that they can work together when they are at home.

This course teaches skills in instrumental and vocal music, as well as recording. It will provide an avenue for critical evaluation and principles for writing Christian music in indigenous language.

Students are encouraged to write and perform in their own languages and to provide musical resourcing for their local churches. Employment pathways exist in music recording, radio and ministry.

Students rehearsing a new song they have written and will perform at a college chapel service