Indigenous Corporation ICN 8329

At the end of 2015, Nungalinya College was registered as an Indigenous Corporation under the CATSI Act, supervised by the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC). This has resulted in some changes to our governance structures which are now as follows:

The Directors

Each of three partner churches of the College  – Anglican, Catholic and Uniting, appoint three Member Directors. One of these is the corporate representative, and the other two must be Indigenous representatives. Each church has its own process for how those directors are selected.

In addition to these 9 directors, an additional Indigenous Chairperson is elected by the corporate members (the 3 churches) at the Annual General Meeting for a 2-year term. Our current Chairperson is Mr Pirrawayingi Puruntatameri.

To support the work of the Directors three non-member directors with expertise in the areas of finance, law and education are appointed by the corporate Members.

According to the CATSI act,  a minimum of 51% of the directors must be Indigenous.

The Directors meet four times a year but are supported in between meetings by a Management Sub-Committee consisting of the Chairperson, Deputy-Chairperson, Secretary / Contact person (in this case the Principal) and the Treasurer. They meet with the Principal on a monthly basis or as needed.


Structure 2015