Our Vision:

Circle+DotsNungalinya College will become a leading Indigenous Christian College, empowering Indigenous Christians by providing education and employment pathways right for individuals, Churches and Communities from across Australia.

Nungalinya College will be a place where Indigenous theological perspectives are developed. The College will include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages and encourage the expression of Indigenous cultures.

At Nungalinya College, Indigenous and non-Indigenous Christians will work together in partnership. We want to grow the gifts and calling of Indigenous people.

In God’s time, the College will be fully staffed by competent Indigenous people. They will have the language, cultural knowledge, qualifications and experience needed to perform their roles.

Our Purpose is to:

  • provide Christian education in theology, community development, leadership, media and other relevant programs
  • explore the Indigenous theologies and spiritualties of Indigenous Christians
  • promote teaching and learning through local support networks and common language groupings
  • support the learning, preservation and use of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages
  • promote cross-cultural awareness and professional development for staff at the College and in other organisations
  • do research