How would you teach English literacy (and numeracy) to remote Indigenous students whilst also sharing stories, characters and themes from the Scriptures?

Yes, it’s a big challenge, but one that Nungalinya teachers love to grapple with every day!

Although face-to-face class time is essential, modern technology is also a wonderful tool. In particular it can allow for:

  • Increased engagement due to visual input
  • Increased engagement due to physical interaction
  • Increased deep learning due to individual learning pace
  • Increased encouragement due to built in feedback
  • Increased learning due to multiple activities

Some of these advantages are now well known. But over the last 5 years or so, teachers in our ‘Foundation Studies’ team have taken the use of ipads to the next level! They have been designing and using our own apps and website materials to integrate Biblical literacy with English literacy. It is a wonderful initiative, but we need your help!

Ipads are designed with built in life spans, and many of our older ones are simply unusable as relevant updates are not permitted in their software…

Can you help raise funds so we can purchase a new class set of ipads?