Across 2022 there have been so many joys and highlights at Nungalinya College!

Over 300 students have attended courses from more than 55 distinct communities. There have been 79 graduates, from 10 graduation nights, 3 in communities themselves.

Courses in their second year; ‘Faith & Family Wellbeing’ and ‘Art & Faith’ have continued to blossom, and our newest offering ‘First Nations Languages Literacy’ was a great success with Yolŋu Matha and Murrinhpatha cohorts.

Nungalinya students have led Languages Workshops and Reconciliation Nights (Darwin), Bible Camps (Minyerri), Easter Re-enactments (Miliŋimbi) and large scale, evangelistic Rallies (Maningrida). Various school and church groups have visited the College to grow in their Christian cross-cultural understanding and we even opened our very own, interactive ‘Garden of Eden’!