Want to organise your own fundraiser to raise money for Nungalinya College? We can help you!

You can create a fundraising page right here on our website and enable people to give directly to your fundraiser! Keep track of your progress as you approach your target and share your initiative with others!


There are lots of ways you can raise funds - have a bake sale, a pizza night, run an antiques and collectibles swapmeet, hold a coffee and dessert event and show some of the great Nungalinya student videos, have a walk-a-thon, hike-a-thon or bike-a-thon around a local park or reserve... you are only limited by your imagination!

Everybody has a passion, a skill or a hobby they could use to raise much-needed funds!

Once you have a great idea, setup a Fundraising Page for your supporters to use and watch as you reach your target!