Artwork - Creation Story

Artist: Lorraine Granites

Language: Warlpiri

Community: Yuendemu

Lorraine is a cultural educator and experienced artist. She teaches the younger generations about culture through her paintings, dancing and singing.

Lorraine became a Christian later in life and is excited to incorporate her new faith and understanding of the Creator with her traditional knowledge and artworks. She believes all this knowledge comes from Him so we need to give it back to him in worship. Lorraine's works are striking and full of symbolism.

"In the first few days of God creating the world, He separated things - darkness and light, water and sky, land and sea. He was also thinking about making people for Himself. 

That story from the beginning is on the left side of the painting. On the right side, we see what is happening today - people are coming together and praising Him before the cross."

Artist Video

Hear Lorraine sharing about her art journey in this video.