Genesis 3

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Tree of Life

We chose this artwork called "Transforming" by Mandy Manggurra to represent the Tree of Life.

Artwork - Transforming

Artist: Mandy Manggurra

Language: Wubuy/Kriol

Community: Numbulwar

Mandy has been involved with Nungalinya for many years. She is a trainer at the college and has an amazing depth of knowledge in the scriptures. 

Mandy has been drawing scriptures for many years but had never tried painting. The moment she put paint onto the canvas, it was evident that Mandy had a gift.

You can hear Mandy talk about her art journey in this lovely video

"The seeds fall to the ground and begin to grow in the ground. Those new plants are dependant on the environment they are growing in. 

God gives everything those plants need to grow in that place. This is like us - we need to be in our community. We need to share his love with our own people. We need to be transforming our own community and helping them to grow."