These past few months have looked very different to normal as a result of the COVID crisis. Instead of having students on campus, there has been a flurry of activity around the college bringing unexpected blessings. In the Art room, a keen group of staff from different parts of the college worked together on printmaking projects.  Some taught others in the techniques of screen-printing, lino-printing and stencilling to create an array of products.

In the process, we uncovered some old silkscreens used for the Textile Arts program which finished around 2004. These heritage designs have been given new life, being used to screenprint bags and lino print artworks - some of which will soon be available for sale on our college website!

All who participated are thankful for the wonderful time of learning and creating and being blessed as we shared this rich experience together. We are already looking for ways to incorporate the rich blessing of creating and sharing together into college life as we move forward.