The arts play an important role in Indigenous culture, are a natural expression of faith and a powerful communication tool that speak deeply to the heart.

Art & Faith’ students reflect on the vital role of Ethno-Arts in communicating faith in Indigenous communities.

Rrikili Garrawurra from Ramingining speaks of the importance of traditional arts for recording culture, language, history and law. She shares how many traditional stories link to Biblical history and that arts help balance spiritual and cultural ways.

Delores Furber from Mparntwe and Marjorie Williams from Ntaria speak of the benefit of studying and working alongside other Aboriginal Christian artists at Nungalinya.

Troy Mardigan from Nauiyu speaks about the importance of communicating scripture in a cultural way; through the arts- painting, song and dance. Troy loves coming to Nungalinya with other Aboriginal Christians from different tribes and language groups to share and learn from each other.

Mandy Manggurra from Numbulwar talks about worshipping in Spirit and in Truth and how we are called to use our unique gifts for praise and worship. She shares how the arts are a powerful tool to communicate without words for Aboriginal people.