The Cert IV graduating class has just spent two weeks sharing stories of care. During the unit, they emphasised deep listening so that they could ‘dig deeper’ into each other’s stories when they are caring. This way all the different stories that make-up people can be thought about when caring for people. We are all more than one story as Aunty Barbara Wingard says. (Aboriginal Narrative Practice). 

Some of this unit focused on caring for people who are experiencing family violence. This especially touched the class and they are determined to support family violence prevention initiatives in their own communities. In all of their caring, the class emphasised the connection to culture and country as part of wholistic pastoral care. 

Two chapels especially touched the class. One chapel focused on love and respect between husbands and wives, particularly helpful for caring for people experiencing family violence. The other chapel story was from Carol, the Catholic Dean, sharing about a young man at her school and how they helped each other become closer to God. 

All the people in Cert IV have very demanding responsibilities in the church and in their families and in their communities. The focus on self-care was very important and we practised this during the week by doing some breathing exercises and stretches, resting and laughing with each other.