Pilate judges Jesus

Mark 15: 1-5, 15 CEV

Early the next morning the chief priests, the nation’s leaders, and the teachers of the Law of Moses met together with the whole Jewish council. They tied up Jesus and led him off to Pilate.

He asked Jesus, “Are you the king of the Jews?”

“Those are your words,” Jesus answered.

The chief priests brought many charges against Jesus. Then Pilate questioned him again, “Don’t you have anything to say? Don’t you hear what crimes they say you have done?” But Jesus did not answer, and Pilate was amazed.

Pilate wanted to please the crowd. So he set Barabbas free. Then he ordered his soldiers to beat Jesus with a whip and nail him to a cross.

Wendy's Prayer - “Our Lord God of heaven and earth, give us the understanding to see not as the world sees, but through your Spirit.”

Jesus is flogged

John 19: 1-3 CEV

Pilate gave orders for Jesus to be beaten with a whip. The soldiers made a crown out of thorn branches and put it on Jesus. Then they put a purple robe on him. They came up to him and said, “Hey, you king of the Jews!” They also hit him with their fists.

Wendy's Prayer - “Heavenly Father, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, give us the peace through our suffering and to give our lives as an offering every day.”


Artwork - Soldiers Make Fun of Jesus

Mark 15:16-19

The soldiers led Jesus inside the courtyard of the fortress and called together the rest of the troops. They put a purple robe on him, and on his head they placed a crown they had made out of thorn branches. They made fun of Jesus and shouted, “Hey, you king of the Jews!” Then they beat him on the head with a stick. They spit on him and knelt down and pretended to worship him.


Josephine Numamurdirdi

Language: Wubuy

Community: Numbulwar


Josephine had not painted before attending the Art and Faith course at Nungalinya.

She has been a keen learner and has enjoyed using new materials and learning new techniques.

Drawing and painting has helped Josephine enter into the Bible stories in a new way which has strengthened her faith and helped her to share the stories with others.

She has grown in much confidence throughout the course and is excited to share her work with her family back home.