The Positioning

Artwork Title: The Positioning
Artist: Jo Cuttabut
Language: English
Community: Noongar 

Printed on Iford Matte Photographic Paper
Print Dimensions: 60cm x 20cm

In the concept of positioning, natural pigments were used on site to respect the land and the country of the Larrakia people which is a cultural positioning in itself.
As we look at the painting, representations of icons are also the positioning of people in the spiritual context as an invitation to God to manifest His presence among us.
White dots represent the Holy Spirit moving, individual dots and lines represent thoughts and conversation toward the anticipation of a God encounter.
U shapes and concentric circles represent meeting places which can include round table meetings and Heavenly encounters.
The eyes of Heaven are the dark looking holes haphazardly put through the art work because this art work being an invitation to God.
This is getting Heavenly attention of what is going on in this portal like experience which we see in various places in the bible such as Genesis 28:12, Exodus 33: 18-23. 

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