Fish and Birds

Artwork Title: Fish and Birds
Artist: Lizzie Durrurrnga
Language: Liya-galawumirr
Community: Ramingining 

Printed on Iford Matte Photographic Paper
Print Dimensions: 45cm x 60cm

I paint my dreaming which is the crow (wak) and the fish (rimu). I believe that God made everything.

'God said, “I command the ocean to be full of living creatures, and I command birds to fly above the earth.” So God made the giant sea monsters and all the living creatures that swim in the ocean. He also made every kind of bird. God looked at what he had done, and it was good. Then he gave the living creatures his blessing—he told the ocean creatures to live everywhere in the ocean and the birds to live everywhere on earth. Evening came and then morning—that was the fifth day.' Genesis 1: 20-23

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